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Networking made easy

The best way to exchange contact details and stay in touch with frens

  • One-tap to exchange contact details
  • Remember and track everyone you meet on Telegram
  • Customizable NFC-powered business card
  • No need to download separate app

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Why use Sleek

  • 1.
    Make a great first impression

    Personalize everything. Flex your customized NFC card and web3 profile to showcase your proudest web3 achievements and collectibles.

  • 2.
    Share contact details effortlessly

    Share your info with just one tap on their phone. No extra app required. Also share easily via QR code or unique link

  • 3.
    Track connections with our Telegram bot

    Never forget anyone again! all within Telegram. Our Telegram bot keeps a personal directory of everyone you’ve met

Select your weapon. We'll do the rest.


If you are pressed for time, simply go with our basic Sleek card and order immediately.

$25 Start now


Show off your personality and style with a customized card that represents you, with a prism background.

$35 Order Now
Front Back (Sample)


Align with your brand and customize every part of the card, including background color, to have the greatest visual impact!

$40 Order Now

Web3's networking tool of choice